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Los Angeles: 14:58 | Berlin: 23:58

Documentary and Reportage


"ELVIS in Las Vegas"
Documentary, 60min., arte, HDCAM 50i, 2010

"Michael Jackson - The Last Days in the Life of the King of Pop"
Documentary, 60min., Focus TV/Pro7, HD, 2010

"AUDI Mileage Challenge" Corporate, HDCAM 50i, 2008

Documentary, 105min., ZDF/arte 2007

"Oliver Stone - Hollywood's Favorite Rebel"
Documentary 60min.
ECO Media/arte 2006

"Nevada Test Site"
Documentary 45min., arte 2004

"Bike Aid - California Hard Core"
Documentary 45min.
arte/GEO-TV 2004

"Nevada Test Site" Documentary 45min., arte 2004

"Get Up, Stand Up" Documentary 52min.
DORO Media/ZDF/arte 2003

"On the Warpath" Documentary 30min., arte 2002


juriFilm's camera crews have contributed their creativity and expertise to the production of many documentaries in several countries as far away as Norway, Cuba, Mozambique, Mexico, Honduras, Russia, Hungary, Turkey or the Czech Republic. We also filmed dozens of productions in the United States which were artistically or logistically challenging. To name a few: The Nevada Nuclear Test Site, The FBI Academy, behind the scenes with Cirque du Soleil, a Human Rights Group bicycling from San Francisco all the way to Mexico, a Class Action Lawsuit lead by a courageous Native American Lawyer in Montana or the AUDI Mileage Challenge: 23 cars, 5000 miles across the United States from New York to LA.

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