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Los Angeles: 14:50 | Berlin: 23:50


A mirrorless design allows for a very compact build. The a7SII is the perfect addition for a 2-camera shoot with the F-55 or FS7M2 models in the same generation of Sony-Technology and color science (S-Log 2, S-Log3 etc.). We acquired all necessary adapters to match it up with our line-up of Zeiss prime lenses as well as our Canon cine-servo lens we recently purchased aas well. The a7SII captures in 4K up to 120fps if necessary. The large sensor is stabilized internally, a very useful feature when using lenses that do not provide built-in stabilization. We also added the shotgun microphone adapter which connects through the smart-shoe, thereby providing 2 channels of XLR-audio hookups if needed. Last but not least, the camera comes packaged with a seamlessly integrated dual-battery addition and chargers to charge all our 6 available batteries at once. We also added an IKAN DS2-A Beholder 3-axis handheld gimbal system to create steadicam-like and stabilized, floating images.