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Sony F-55

The Sony F-55 is our flagship camera with a broad range of features and capabilities. It crecords 4K to up 60 fps to the on-board SxS cards, or up to 240fps to an external recorder if higher frame rates are desired. HiRes LCD Color Viewfinder. The camera can be used with prime lenses w/ follow focus and mattebox or with cine-servo type lenses alike. We also acquired the uniquely designed Sony LA-FZB1 B4-to-FZ Mount adapter which allows typical B4 ENG-style lenses to be used on the full sensor size without compromise in run-and-gun ENG-style filming situations. Apple ProRes (444 in YRB or 4444 in RBG) and AVID DNxHD codecs are available. PL-Mount, EF-Mount, Nikon-Mount adapters to the camera's native Sony-FZ-mount are available. Sony's advanced global shutter minimizes motion artefacts. Proxy Recording of MPEG2 when filming in 4K is available. Built-in LUT, S-Log2/3, and a color gamut that compares to the Sony F65 and Sony "Venice" models are standard with the F55.
We added 15mm and 19mm lens support options for a wide variety of zooms to be stress-relieved when mounted to the F55's body.